Outernational @ John Varvatos

My world is gone.  The new world is here.  One has to adjust- die- or leave.  I am still here.  Still fighting the good fight.  Still keeping it real on the street level.   And, yes,  slowly , yes slowly, adjusting to the new.  One new venue I have been welcomed in is the John Varvatos store on the Bowery.

What is special about John Varvatos is he gives something back to the community. Once a month he turns his store into a music venue and he gives a free concert, with free liquor and beer.

Last nights show was Outernational with special guest Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chilly Peppers. The band was great.  The energy reached the level of the one of the memorable shows at the old CBGB’s.  A good time was had by all.

I give my thanks to John  Varvatos, Donna Faircloth, his staff and the security.  and btw- I wear his sneakers- peace out-  clayton patterson 

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