Gentrification- RIP Peewee – Cochise out of jail- Richie and Taylor Mead- Anthony Pardone in NYC

Gentrification is dividing up the community more and more each day.   For the people who were born and raised in the community there is almost nothing left for them to do.  So much of what was is no more.  The families are being pushed out and the traditional businesses are closing because they cannot afford the escalating rents.   Even though there is a flood of new businesses almost none of it is accessible or interesting to the local youth.   So there is an increase in violence, going to prison and death by drugs.

Cochise of the Satan Sinner Nomads just got out of jail after 18 years.  He has dropped out of the gang  life and is interested in helping to try and guide the youth away from the life style.  Last week there was a shooting at 210 Stanton, and, in a separate incident , young Peewee from Allen died RIP.  Anthony Pardone was in town to screen his new movie at Film Anthology Archives- and Richie is hanging with Taylor Mead.

I send my love and respect to all of the old school. 

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