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Art Show @ Tribes

Posted in News with tags , , , on May 31, 2012 by Clayton Patterson

Jessie blew me away with what she pulled off.   The opening was intimate and there was not even a dash of the uber-cool art types, & no Paris Hilton’s,  or Lady Gaga’s, but if one has any knowledge of underground legends this night was to get an introduction.  As Jessie says: “some are still on the run.”  Still keeping it real.   A slice of the names I can mention are: COST (yes COST!)- REMO- (ttp://, CH (Charlie Hustle)- the Peter Pan Posse- Mint and Serf- and others who I will not name.  Of course OG Steve Cannon is the man- no question about that.


I have seen a number of shows which has used graffiti covered walls as a backdrop to an exhibition– but what Mint & Serf pulled off is one of the most authentic jobs I have witnessed- I guess the fact that it was all legends who marked the walls is the reason why.


No question Jessie made my day-  for this I say thanks Jessie- 2 thumbs up.  clayton patterson


playing Captured tonight- @ tribes