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CANDY DARLING (1944 – 1974) CANDY DARLING was – and remains – best known for her roles in two films produced by Andy Warhol and directed by Paul Morrissey, “Flesh” (1968), and “Women in Revolt” (1972). She was, however, in a number of other noteworthy independent films, including “Brand X” (Win Chamberlain, 1970), “Some of My Best Friends Are” (Mervyn Nelson, 1971) and “The Death of Maria Malibran” (Werner Schroeter, 1972). Known for her beauty, wit, and talent, Darling was also a sought-after actress in off and off-off Broadway productions of the sixties and seventies, best known for her work in plays by Jackie Curtis and Tom Eyen, and for appearing in the role of Violet in Tennessee Williams’ “Small Craft Warnings.” Born a male, and having lived the latter part of her life as a woman, Darling is now celebrated as a pioneer among transgendered communities worldwide. She is the subject of the documentary “Beautiful Darling” (2010), produced by Jeremiah Newton and directed by James Rasin.

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