Taylor Mead Opening

 Robert Heide a member of Cafe Cino (Yale cap).   A playwright.  Produced his original play called the Bed at Cafe Cino.  With Jeremiah Newton (short white hair) the producer of the film Beautiful Darling- the Candy Darling movie.  And Warhol super Start Taylor Mead (elderly gentleman) at his art opening at Churner and Churner on 10th ave.  With Eric LaPrade in the background.   

Dorthy Friedman- poet writer being kissed by Barnaby Ruhe- art writer- PH.d art history- artist- international boomerang champion.
Seth, Anthonly Haden Guest, Ann Binlot, Rachel Churner,
Zac white jacket-0 from Pink Pony- Jonas Mekas video camera- 

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