Attempted Art Theft- on a Grand Scale

This attempted theft of an art project is really a good one- it regards the No!art site by DIetmar Kirvis- look up No!art- turns out that Boris was worth $80 million dollars—so there is a group of international corporate and poltical leaders trying to steal all that is connected to Boris Lurie and No!art. – long story- but an amazing story-

-the email below is from Gertrude Stein- (uptown NYC art dealer) she got her hands on the $80 million from Boris’s estate and now she wants to take everything away from Dietmar and his No!art site. As you can tell it is a very hostile, corporate, takeover of Deitmars work– and the raider is trying to steal all his years of work. Diemar is in Berlin-

It is my belief that Boris did not even list Gertrude in his will- then she wormed her way in after his death- she created a foundation with 4 partners- one in Liechtenstein Europe (politician), one in Switzerland (politician) , one who jumps back and froth between London and NYC (Dr. Pepper- lawyer), and Gertrude NYC.

If anyone who can see the amazing intrigue in this article- holocaust artist- robbed- a radical artist anti- corporate and big business now big international business law firm money people taking over his life’s work. Dietmar has the mother load f archives- they want the name- DIetmar was the first person to use the term No!art and he has used No!art as a word since late 70’s- done books- website- and and and – not a business trademark– and on and on– much amazing material- and Deitmar is smart- and tough- this story should have legs.


Catherine Warwick
Asst. to Anthony Williams
DLA Piper LLP (US)
1251 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York 10020-1104
T 212.335.4582
Below is a letter to Dietmar- s

Re: Domain Name Infringement at

Dear Mr. Kirves:

Our firm is counsel to the Boris Lurie Art Foundation. As you may know, the Boris Lurie Art Foundation (the “Foundation”) is an organization that provides art-related services to preserve and promote the legacy of Boris Lurie and the NO!ART movement. In connection therewith, the Foundation has longstanding trademark rights in the NO!ART trademark (the “Mark”) and owns numerous international and U.S. trademark registrations and applications. The Mark is very valuable to the Foundation and, as a result, the Foundation has developed specific guidelines relating to any and all uses of the Mark and assiduously polices the use of the same

It has recently come to our attention that, despite the Foundation’s rights in and to the Mark, you nave registered the domain name (the “Domain Name”), which is confusingly similar to the Mark. Please note that the manner of your registration and use of the Domain Name, in our opinion, constitutes “bad faith” under the ICANN Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. Accordingly our client will be entitled to expedited transfer of the domain name registration via ICANN arbitration

To that end, our client demands that you immediately take any and all action required to transfer the registration of the Domain Name, as well as any and all other domain names comprised of our client’s names or marks or-variations thereof that you have registered, to the Boris Lurie Art Foundation, If we do not receive express written confirmation of your compliance by March 15, 2011, our client will pursue other legal remedies

Please note that this letter is made without prejudice to any other rights or remedies that may be available to the Boris Lurie Art Foundation Nothing contained herein should be deemed a waiver, admission or license by the Boris Lurie Art Foundation, and the Boris Lurie Art Foundation expressly reserves the right to assert any other factual or legal positions as additional facts come to light, or as the circumstances warrant.

Very truly yours,

Anthony Williams

Cc: Gertrude Stein


i send you a blind copy of my letter to gertrude’s attorney.
they have an office in berlin.

see also the following links

it’s a nice name of gertrude’s attorney girl


greetings from berlin-kreuzberg


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