friends at Wildstyle & tattoo messe


Hans Hoffman RIP

2 Responses to “friends at Wildstyle & tattoo messe”

  1. Frankfooter Says:

    Hear that Jeffrey Deitch is doing a LES Street show at the MoCA and is not including Richard Hambleton (Shadowman), or Angel Ortiz (LA II)?! How can he even conceive of the show without consulting YOU, Clayton? Really?!

  2. Clayton Patterson Says:

    >I think it is great the Dietch is doing this LES show- we shall see what he knows- let him lay out all his cards- then we will know more about who he is and his connections to the hood- I could not have asked for a better situation-

    Then as far as >Dietch not inviting me- not a problem- he can choose who he likes- and his world is not mine- I am an outsider to his world- just the way it is- so is all good.

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