here is my quote- if you want to use it fine- if not- then no problem-

I have been truly blessed to have known Tuli. He is one of the few who had the intelligence, the ability, and the strength to swim down, touch the bottom of the ocean, resurface, and breathlessly tell us what treasures lay hidden in the murky darkness where only the 1%ers and the Forgotten Ones could see. His light was so bright, so intense, that the after glow will light the creative path of enlightenment for generations to come.

May his soul and memory last 3 times longer than the end of time. I loved and respected Tuli and considered him a fellow warrior and brother in the struggle to over come ignorance and stupidity.

love and respect.

keep the faith, never give up, never give in, never quit, never forget the street.


To Lincoln of the Villager: a quick answer as to description of Tuli’s funeral.

It was a powerful service. Very downtown. Rich in imagery. A good % of the oral history had a Lower East Side connection. As to photos I have and you could cover some in the paper, as well as, a slide show on the web. I am sure that there are plenty of good photos out there. Many excellent writers in the crowd. Some talented writer could contribute a literary piece, a testimonial as to impression of service for the paper, and a much larger number of people could write for the internet Villager. The hall was full. The quality of music was amazing. Yes America has talent. Tuli had a refined taste in people. He knew his crowd and his crowd loved him. He was a star.

His appearance was wild and free, but he was a practiced professional. One of his casual throw people off in a good way was- with talent giving the appearance of being somewhat of a juvenile delinquent. Like Bowery Boys he could be mischievous but no where near criminal. His fought with his head. And he was a strong and powerful fighter. He was conservative in a structured way. He raised a loving caring family. His friends are loyal. He was loved as a presence and he is loved as a memory. His archives must be saved. Tuli in past tense remains a relevant jewel. An intellectual.

He was a member of several communities. He called himself an Anarchist whatever that is, but I believe that he had the triad connection- religious, socialist, anarchist. Very early 20th century. Very Lower East Side. Leadership in all the levels of diversity. Put out a number of books- is own- in others, anthologies- pamphlets, posters, newspapers, the web, film, photography done by others, drawings/cartoons done by himself, Utube, internet- diversities- and so on electronically. . Rants, random thoughts, philosophical moments of clarity,

Tuli would not mind me doing a little business: so in his memory- I am sending out the call for index people. When I ask around I get back responses like that’s the worst job. Nobody will do that. And I say why? I believe that there are many people who would love the process. Like putting puzzles together. Librarian types who appreciate putting together card catalogues. . People who like detail and repetition. I happen to think it is very cool idea of conceiving the strategy and putting together a solid index- more than just columns of chosen words.


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