Jiwe is moving on up- front row-

*To date has accomplished quite a bit. From being featured in a PBS special about depression, sitting on a panel to discuss ways to achieve peace in the streets with former Ambassador of South Africa Edward Perkins,  writing a best selling Memoir “War of the Bloods in My Veins”. (which was nominated at the 2009 NAACP Image awards, and has been recently optioned for a major motion picture), being featured on the Sundance Peabody award winning documentary series Brick City, to becoming the founder of Full Throttle, a non-profit organization est. in 2009 with the main focus being (Saving lives). Jiwe’s most recent accomplishments includes being on the Cover of Grindahz magazine(www.grindahz.com). After spending time with the staff, Grindahz immediately recognized the potential and writing skills of Jiwe and appointed him as Sr. Writer.

That’s a lot to have accomplished and still be hungry for more right? Well leave it to Jiwe to continuously comeback for seconds and always scrapping the plate! Since being est. in 2008 JiweEra (www.JiweEra.com) has been making a international name for itself.  With that being said the latest addition to the Jiwe Era brand will be the music division. Announcing JE Musikk!!! JE Musikk will house top notch acts across the globe from hip-hop and rnb to neo-soul with major distribution being the main goal. Be on the lookout for JE Musikk’s 1st album being recorded exclusively at Grindahz Studios! (For full listing of studio time, photoshoots, album covers, etc go to www.grindahz.com) Prepare for the greatest Era of our time…..JE!


*War of the Bloods in My Veins…Memoir in stores now!!

*Season 2 Brick City airs February 2011 on the Sundance channel

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