Our Greedy Mayor- Billionaire Bloomberg- everyone is suffering except for him- as Mayor his personal wealth expanded from 7 ½ Billion to now he is worth over 15 BILLION DOLLARS- 15 BILLION $$$$$*** SCHOOL KIDS LOSE METRO CARD—HE DOUBLES HIS WEALTH- I HAVE HAD COMMUNITY artists  TAG MY DOOR FOR OVER 25 YEARS- NOW HE HAS CHARGED ME $300 FOR THIS ART.  SEE FRONT DOOR BOOK- 25 YEARS OF PHOTOS IN FRONT OF MY DOOR- ALL BLOOMBERG THINKS IS $$$$$$$$$ FOR ME, ME ME,,,,,,

Message from Mayor-


New York City Department of Finance

Collections Division

Finance Environmental Control Board: 66 John Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY


NEW YORK, NY 10002-1507

Case #: 004792865

Violation #(s}*:– —


AMOUNT DUE: $301.63

DATE DUE: Immediatel

As you have previously been informed, a judgment for your unpaid Environmental Control Board (ECB) fines has been filed against you with the Civil Court of the City of New York. Since that time, our records show that you still have not paid this outstanding debt, which is now past due. This is a very serious matter. The judgment created a lien against your property, which would make it difficult to sell. Your failure to pay is now a matter of public record that will be used by credit companies to re-evaluate your credit rating should you apply for a credit card, mortgage, car loan, or other type of credit.

If we do not hear from you within 15 days, you may be contacted by Finance Collections, a NYC Deputy Sheriff, or an outside collections firm. The Department of Finance is authorized to take any of the following actions:

• Seizing your assets and/or

• Garnishing your wages.


Make immediate payment by check or money order – made payable to “NYC Department of Finance.”

Be sure to include the violation number(s) to ensure that the payment is properly credited to your account. Mail your payment in the enclosed envelope.

If you need assistance and would like to make a payment arrangement, or believe there is an error, contact us immediately at 212-440-5476. Please have your case number when you call.

If you paid in full within the past ten days, you may disregard this letter.

New York City Department of Finance

Collections Division

* If there are six violations listed, there may be additional violations owed. Please call for more information.


Money or property belonging to you may have been taken or held in order to satisfy a

judgment or order which has been entered against you. Read this carefully.

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