Angel Ortiz AKA LA II

LA II with Claw- Houdini, fireman from Pitt St house- LA with El Celso Saardana, John Woodward, Tim Barber & friends- with Godzilla @ Billy’s Antics and Props,

LA II…/keith-haring-s-silent-partner/,

The MOMA in NYC, and the MOCA in LA, are considered to be 2 of the most important modern art museums in the world. One expects the director in each of these museums to be above scandal, to be a leading modern art expert, and if there were some kind of question about modern art, one of the go to authorities would be a director of one of these 2 museums. Jeffery Dietch is now the director of MOCA; yet, Jeffery Dietch is deceiving the public by cheating LA II out of his credit. Jeffery Dietch, the museum director, is cheating an artist out of his rightful place in art history. Why would he do this? Is it for money? Is it racism? Not sure. All I know is LA II deserves to be recognized for his work. Very simple really.

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