Wildstyle- thanks Jochen Auer-

Back to the year of 1995…
…Jochen Auer – in cooperation with Toni Walzer and the go-getting support of America’s underground reporter number one “Clayton Patterson” – wrote the most individual show concept of that time. Only 8 years later in 2003 he was proud to be host of more than a million of delighted visitors. It is a time never to forget – no matter if producers, tattooists, exhibitors or artists. It is a time that will never end and a project that will never stop moving.

Many stars of the scene were participating at Wildstyle: top tattooists like Leo Zulueta, Gill Montie, Spider Webb, Siri, Tattoos to the MaÅNxx, Leo, Wildcat Piercing, star guests like Monowar, GWAR, Jim Rose Circus, The Enigma, Coney Island Sideshow, Clayton Patterson (America’s underground reporter number one, president of Tattoo Society N.Y. and organiser of N.Y.C. Tattoo Convention), Steve Bonge (photographer, organiser of N.Y.C. Tattoo Convention) and a lot more…

The revolutionary concept and the tour through half of Europe lasting more than 8 (!!!) years signififi cantly changed the history of tattoos and piercing. Wildstyle & Tattoo Fair made tattoos and piercing available for a huge mass of people and socially acceptable.

This is the reason why the show has never stopped to polarize – even after 2003. So Jochen Auer and some members of his “old” team had the idea to originate Wildstyle & Tattoo Fair to the moment of its 15th anniversary true to the motto “The Reunion of the Original”.

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