Shooting Dirty Old Town Movie @ Billy’s

Shooting Dirty Old Town Movie @ Billy's

Shooting Dirty Old Town Movie @ Billy's

4 Responses to “Shooting Dirty Old Town Movie @ Billy’s”

  1. eastkoast bang produced by lewis parker. seach for that on youtube.. im also on in this film, and on the sound track as well… (keep lookin at me) produced by (doeboy) a.k.a sergio valentine, which plays vic in this film…this is a great hood joint that speaks volumes to every one.. check 4 it…peace

  2. EK good work- will look for- stop by a few times- but did not see you– it is all good- clayton LES

  3. Clayton Patterson Says:

    was wondering what happened to you guys- have been some amazing screenings- was hoping you guys would have shown up. Working on a coloring book Legends of the Lower East Side- Frige is in it– anyway- what’s up?

  4. Wow clayton heres my number. 6469388497….eastkoast… on youtube type in… eastkoast bang… its a video. im also a part of an ep thats out right now with a host of amazing group of artist. that is called.. …dangerous adventures…. produced by lewis parker…. major love clayton my brother…hope you had a swell trip..i know youve been on the move like always..let jenna an dan know i said whats up…oh yeah i just was in another file called …life gos on…directed by freedom willams of c&c music factory..its not out stars a few great artist as well as actors..peace an let my boyz know i said peace

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